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Digitisation: Why Digital Transformation is an Inevitable Step for Companies and How You Can Benefit from It

“Nothing is permanent except change”. These were the wise words of the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclites.

Digitisation concerns every single one of us – in the private and professional context alike. However, companies are particularly strongly affected by changes in the modern digital world: the increasingly globalised world of business is characterised by the emergence of ever newer technologies and work processes, new business models and ever more exacting customer demands. Companies must accept these changes, because only by doing so can they successfully assert themselves on the market. The transformation into an agile and digitally proficient company is a necessary, gradual process that guarantees the future-proofness of a company’s own products and services.

The advantages of the digital workflow illustrated by battery change
Companies and education institutions invest much time and money in maintaining microphone solutions distributed across the entire campus or site. Checking battery status and function of every device can represent a challenge when microphones are distributed in conference rooms, offices or lecture halls. In campus-wide installations there are generally long routes between all the devices in the various rooms. When staff levels are low and there is a host of devices that require set-up, control and maintenance, this can become problematic.

The following illustration shows the difference between analogue workflow (“Management by Walking”) and digital workflow, taking a classic task as an example: the battery check.

The combination of automatic notifications, status display, and delegation to a responsible colleague in the vicinity of the microphone to be charged makes costly, time-consuming and aggravating “Management by Walking” a thing of the past.

With digital workflows and centralized control of devices in the network, the daily business of IT staff in AV management becomes easier, faster and more cost-efficient.

This is why Sennheiser developed the Sennheiser Control Cockpit as the central software for controlling audio systems in companies and educational institutions. In conjunction with Sennheiser's IT-friendly AV portfolio, Sennheiser Control Cockpit offers optimised digital workflows for device setup, monitoring, control, maintenance and support of, for example, the new TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone.

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