How TeamConnect Ceiling 2 users benefit from Microsoft Teams certification

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The Sennheiser Business Communication team has a clear and ambitious vision: to develop the next generation of audio solutions for efficient, reliable and location-independent team collaboration. With products such as the Sennheiser Control Cockpit Software for controlling and monitoring microphones and the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 ceiling meeting microphone, a major step in this direction has already been taken. Another milestone on this path has been reached since mid-August: TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is officially certified for Microsoft Teams. But what exactly does this mean for current users and those who are considering purchasing the ceiling microphone?

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft's digital hub for entertainment, content and apps

Microsoft recently announced in a blog entry that Skype for Business will be discontinued on July 31, 2021. The international hardware and software developer therefore advises a prompt switch to Microsoft Teams (integrated into Office 365 Office Suite). By announcing this early, Microsoft wants to give enterprise customers enough time to make the transition. In terms of functionality, Microsoft Teams offers users much more than Skype for Business: Microsoft Teams combines chat, video, phone and document collaboration in a single, integrated app, giving users a whole new way of working. According to Microsoft, they have been collaborating with customers to improve Teams for the past two years. For Sennheiser, being part of Microsoft's certified solutions is a major milestone. "We are delighted and very proud to be running with TeamConnect Ceiling 2 under the ‘Microsoft Team devices’ from now on," says Ron Holtdijk, Director of the Business Communication segment at Sennheiser. "With the certification, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 gains one more argument for a whole new way of collaborative work."

The new way to collaborate with the Microsoft Teams Certified TeamConnect Ceiling 2

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 has met with broad market interest since its launch in spring 2019. Not least because of its unique beamforming concept, which relies on one flexible beam instead of several static beams. For the customer, this offers enormous flexibility during meetings combined with excellent audio transmission to connected participants.

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